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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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what do you say, hi everybody. thanks for being out here. what is going on. every branch of the service is here. general schwartz, good to see you, man. >> good to see you, mike. >> wait they are already doing this let's watch this everybody solute. >> who do we have here for unfurling of the flags. >> we have all services represented here including the philadelphia police department, department of home land services and coastguard. >> do we see army. >> army gar. >> marines, the navy. and the air force. >> thank you for being here. always good to see you. >> were you born in philadelphia. >> i was, in lawndale. >> well, thank you again for your services. what is all this. >> you have been busy. >> i have been busy. >> what do they call that. >> nickname is here. >> very successful career. >> yes. >> so your dad was in the the service too is that where you wanted to get into the service. >> i had a call to serve because my dad was a veteran
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of the world war two and philadelphia fire fighter for 25 years. >> my goodness. we have pictures of him there. how is he. >> he is 91 living in south jersey. hi dad. >> i know he wanted to come out. >> this is his favorite morning show so he is glad to be there. >> what is his name. >> george. >> george, george, george. thank you again. >> my pleasure. >> hang out, we are just getting started. >> okay good scott, it could not be nicer out here, this is just crazy. >> certainly right, good morning, mike. good morning everyone. you can feel excitement on fourth and market. weather cooperating nicely as fox 29 solutes the troops. the lets talk about that weather forecast. all important weather forecast, it is looking good. temperatures will be mild, we are looking at mid 60's by 9:00 o'clock and then as we move toward the the afternoon those temperatures start to climb but that rainfall will be holding off. weather by the numbers on the scale of one to ten it looks like today will be a seven due to the fact that we will be watching for those afternoon
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and evening thunderstorms. temperatures kind of mild in the area mid to upper 50's. lower 60's in wilmington. 62 degrees right now in millville. so 79 degrees, that is the afternoon high. well above average this time of the year. once again scattered showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon and evening. ultimate doppler is dry so that is got news, come on out to fourth and market as fox 29 solutes the troops, plus we have to get a check of the road conditions out there, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. 7:02. good looking weather start to the day. so far so good on the roadways. live look at i-95 from philadelphia international airport camera. is there girard point double decker bridge as sun fins to rise over downtown philadelphia. come into center city on the bennie pockets of volume up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. the here's a live look at one of two water main breaks we are dealing with this morning. this is main street in moorestown, new jersey shut dunn between church and chester, also the new jersey
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transit bus route, i think it is 47, that uses that stretch on a detour. fifth street is closed this morning the at south philadelphia, right at south street, again, another water main break in the neighborhood. otherwise a half an hour delay inbound on the schuylkill and in problems at philly international. >> we are following breaking news. one person dead, three others injured after a shooting in northern arizona university. school public relations director cindy brown said at expected shooting, the suspect is in custody. >> she says that the first police call about gunfire, in this dormitory came in the middle of the night. 1:20 in the morning. so a few hours ago. the the shooting occurred in a parking lot apparently just outside of this dormitory that you will that is call mountain view hall at the the north east side of the flag staff campus, in northern arizona, university. we will keep you updated. we are getting information in by the minute. we will let you know exactly
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how this went down and who did the the shooting, et cetera. >> back here closer to home a water main break at fifth and south street causing major detours. >> have you been on twitter? anybody from the the water department explain why seven or eight hours later the water is still running a at fifth and south? that is where steve is. >> reporter: well, water witnesses tell us the water department did show up here last night around midnight, and the the water was shut off but it somehow turned itself back on. so people at fifth street at south, probably always dreamed of beach front property. they got their beach, a little bit of the sand, and they have their waves. it is like living at the shore without travel at the shore. look at fifth street. it looks like the the street had has been raised. dawn see that bump and water coming out from it looks like a previous patch job. look at that manhole cover across the crosswalk at south street. south street you will see this car coming by, still opened, fifth street, opened up, until south and then everybody makes
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a right. this guy with the emergency flashers is stopping because there will be an accident out here because a lot have people have not been stopping. maybe they think they can see through a building and see nobody coming down south street. we have had a couple near misses. a lot of problems for johnny rockets the the restaurant because traffic lights are out, johnny rockets business is out and this clothing store out. people on the corner lost electricity because of the great is over a above the transformer which has a short in it. mike and lauren, i know you have seen plenty of water main breaks but probably never heard one. listen to this, there is no water coming down the stream but listen to the sound of the water main from under a sidewalk that sound like the apartment shower probably you have when you first started in broadcasting and could not afford something nice. this is how my bathtub water used to sound in my first place in atlantic city. there is your update fifth and south, semi opened, let's call it that. how about that for a traffic
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updates. >> after eating that burger king whooper, last week that is what my stomach sound like. actually, it was very good. we have problems from overnight. >> police investigating a double shooting in mt. airy. one happened at 11:00 in the 7900 block of temple road. officers found two, 19 year-old men shot, two different scenes. >> but we're hearing that they are related is that what you are hearing dave kinchen? >> reporter: well, that is something that is developing right now. we can tell you in this case, in this stabbing where we are right here at southwest detectives that the victim is out, of surgery, but still, has a long way to go in their recovery. still in critical condition, and cops are still working all of this at this early hour here at southwest detectives. they are probing surveillance video to get a a look at that suspect. the let go to video of the scene, and we will take to you 63rd and dixon. the victim is patrick spinosa of chadds ford who was stabbed 20 times in the head, neck,
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chest and arms. this happening in his business of 40 years, southwest auto tags on the corner of that intersection there. police say that suspect got in just before the business closed thursday evening and left a bloody mess inside. cops actually had to kick down the door to get to the victim locked himself into his office right after the stabbing and of course, neighbors are shocked. >> now, the victim was a able to speak to him, and there was a struggling and they had 20 times in the head, arms, shoulders, chest an inside. very violent struggle. >> great guy. all he does is work every day and comes here and works and goes home and takes care of his wife. just a great guy. >> reporter: horrible situation here. the victim was able to call 911, and get help, and was taken to penn presbyterian hospital. again, he is in critical condition but is out of
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surgery. he had has a long road to recovery. cops looking at surveillance video. there is a camera that shows the suspect going in and running from the business, after the attack, and cops trying to get the that image out and other video out to the public as well, guys? >> let us know what happens there. 7:08. u.s. air men who helped stop a gunman on a french train is now recovering from surgery. the spencer stone was stabbed multiple times during a fight, nearby sacramento yesterday morning. >> he was the one that got stabbed on the train, right? there he is. do you recognize this guy. >> that is right. >> he was at the the white house. >> now searching for two men who took off in a car. a after fight, he is listed in stable condition. >> he was stabbed four times. >> my goodness. norwegian noble committee, there they are, this happened a few hours ago, announce that had a tunisia democracy group, is the winner of the noble peace prize, the committee cited the tunisia national
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dialogue quartet for their work following arab spring in 2011 and establishing an alternative peaceful process. national dialogue group is made up of four organizations in the tunisia civil society. now i know what you will be talking about all day long at work. >> how about this a fight between trenton and popular new jersey shore town about sand dunes. >> oh, man this is getting messy. margate folks, you know what i'm talking about. hello, lucy. margate is best men for lucy the elephant, it is facing an imminent domain claim from new jersey governor chris christie. the state wants to build, sand dunes, right? right there on the beach, of course. the residents have said, that they don't want them a lot of residents say we don't need them, we have taken care of this new jersey offered margate $29,000 for nine beach front easements but the town turn the money down. governor christie has call the
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city selfish for refusing to allow the project. then margate folks fired back and said i'm not so sure governor christie has ever been in margate proper right down on margate beach. i can't imagine how he had hasn't been. >> i don't think he has. >> folks say he has never been right down here on the beach in margate. come on down, look what we have done and then we will talk about it, instead of having a government state take the beach. >> kind of like mind your business until you know is what going on. >> he normally is good about that. i bet that had happens. scotties outside, with our group, celebrating, are you not. >> good friday morning to you, lauren and mike. of course, you can see fourth and market, we shut things down here as we are still doing our troops, and right now you joining us we have warriors watch, riders, and chris, tell me about the importance have of you guys coming out here. i know were you here last year. >> yes, yes.
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>> please explain. >> i last year was my first time coming. these guys here know more than i do. yes. >> you know, good morning tell us your name and importance of this event, i'm j.d. with the combat veterans motorcycles association. we come down here and support each other. it goodies to see everybody. because if we don't take care of each other, as you know, there is other people that don't. >> thank you. >> other people coming out, weather is cooperating nicely out the here, come on out as we talk about the weather on this friday morning, looking pretty g it is kind of mild and muggy right now. we are looking at those temperatures helding steady in the mid 60's, climbing in the upper 60's later on this morning. it is 62 degrees. humidity is definitely up a across the area. the as we continue to watch some of the temperatures outside of the viewing area, we can see north and west we are looking at numbers in the upper 50's.
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sixty-two in millville. sixty-four down the shore. we are keeping tans on the movement. that billably scattered showers and thunderstorms this evening. once again dry this morning but it is muggy. there is the front well to the north and west. a as we go hour by hour, you you can see cloud increase, we are tracking scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm later this afternoon. just a heads up on that. by friday morning commute we are looking at rainfall potential evening moving through impacting your friday evening commute but the good news is all of that will be out of here just in time to kick off the upcoming weekend. how much rainfall are we talking about? it looks like a quarter inch to a half inch of rainfall before all is said and done and as we talk about that seven day forecast, you can see that temperatures tomorrow, are going to be cooler then today, big home coming game, we have, temple and of course we are looking at tailgating weather. we are looking at the eagles on sunday at the link for tailgating and you can see
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that as we move toward columbus day we're talking temperatures right around 74 degrees with sunshine. you can see behind me, they are ready to play. we have a saxophone, bank go, so come on out to fourth and market as all of the activity as fox 29 solutes the military. bob kelly, back to you. >> we have to get new there with your trumpet. we will add you to the pep ban as we look live from sky fox over the scene of workers making repairs to that water main break. this is a live look at main street in moorestown. you can see the pipe here where they have dug down. that is good news. they were able to find where the break came into play. they are making repairs here, again, this is main street in moorestown, new jersey. let's go to the maps. while they are making the rhea pairs there main blocked between church and chester there is one new jersey transit bus that will go around the block in the neighborhood. in south philadelphia, another water main break as we heard from steve, this one has fifth
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street blocked at south. so fifth street heading north up toward olde city here, independent hall and, of course, ben franklin you have to use either third or seventh street to to make your way in olde city. good morning to 422. coming around that saint gabriel's curve we are seeing beginning of the morning rush hour, in problems yet on the ben franklin bridge as you work your way in to downtown. out of town on the schuylkill expressway about a 22 minute trip from center city out through conshohocken just under a half an hour southbound i-95 from woodhaven in the city. patco using a special schedule today, all due to track work and as scott mentioned a busy football weekend. busy weekend in south philadelphia. we have temple football a alumni weekend and home coming tomorrow, kick off 12 noon at the the link. hero thrill show the great motorcycles, show that benefits all of the fallen police officers families, that starts at 12:00 noon right across the street at the wells fargo center and, of course,
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eagles at 1:00 o'clock sunday. septa is adding extra trains on the broad street subway mike and lauren for all of the sports fans all day tomorrow, outside to you guys. >> hey bob kelly. the flyers opened up had their season last night in tampa. it went into overtime. the flyers have never really liked overtime too much. >> no. >> and they lose it again for very first game three-two. they went into that new system in overtime instead of playing five on five, they played three on three. didn't take too long. tampa wins third-two. >> the flyers played very well for their new coach, who was fresh to the nhl out of college but i thought the game went darn well. we will have a great opening night monday. i will go. lauren, do you wanting to to the game. >> let's do it. >> ♪ fly eagles fly
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e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> are you an eagles fan. >> yes. >> eagles fans here. >> yes. >> where are you. >> hi, g. cobb. >> how are you doing, buddy. >> welcome to this wonderful day we do every year. >> big win this week, um. >> okay, i hope. >> they are marching in on sunday. >> yes. >> let's bring up demarco murray right off the the top. he was complaining during redskins game on the field you could see his mouth give me the ball. he changed his tune a little bit. i'm a team guy but would i like to have more carries. >> he wants the ball.
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you want running backs that want the ball. there is nothing wrong with that. they need to feed ryan matthews. he fits with what they are doing. i just think they need to use demarco murray differently. put him back in the i set. that pistol for formation. he is in the good going laterally. he need the ball going toward the line of scrimmage because of the big type of back he is. >> that straight ahead running straight of chip kelly a's scheming. >> then change it. >> yes. >> he adjust his passing game, you have to adjust to your talent. ryan matthews is better going laterally, he has more speed but demarco murray need to be going toward the the line of scrim age you have some thoughts about the eagles, what do you think. >> well, i cannot lion live television, i'm a new york giants fan. >> get out of here. >> i like football. i agree with what he is saying, eagles to have make
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some adjustments. >> thank you for your service now get out of here. >> we need some reallying also fans over who. >> giant are in the so great either. >> is what the giants record are they two-two. >> they are two-two. >> they looked good though. they have potential. it comes down to whoever gets healthy. healthy team will win. >> what do you think, gary, we have not been looking good. >> we have to hold out hope right now. we just are getting started. thinks fifth game of the season. i will hope that they will win. if they don't win then i'm starting to slide off the band wagon. >> i think a lot have people, they were up so high, you see, in the preseason and then they sunk real low. >> chip kelly making big moves. >> but it is a licensing season. i think they could improve as season goes a along. that is what i'm hoping. i'm hoping they get a chance to get in the playoffs. >> they are only one game back. division is not very good.
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>> here's my prediction. >> darren sproles they gave up with him on the saints. the saints come into town. he runs all over their faces. >> i would not be surprised at. that i think they will try get him the ball in big situations where he can make big plays. i wouldn't be surprised a a couple touchdown. >> drew brees one of the best, he will play. >> but his armies bothering him. he doesn't have the strength in the arm that he has had in the past. they are not as potent. i think the game will be in the 20's. it will not be in the 30's. >> injury report. >> who is playing. >> well, jason peters looks like he will play. lane johnson looks like he will play. that is important on that offensive line. you will not see kiko alonzo yet. michael kendricks is shaky, maybe, maybe not. >> it is all about the offensive line. >> they have to get better. >> final score. >> i will say 24-21 eagles. >> you heard it here. >> garry cobb, thanks very much. >> we will see you monday. a lot of people dislike season right now.
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there is not one of the buttons on facebook but there is something else coming, emojis. >> emojis on facebook. there are six of them. and keep sending us viewer pictures use the hashtag fox 29 solutes,. >> let's put up those picks of military members. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you for watching good day philadelphia, it is solute the military. >> we will be right back.
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it is plenty of time to get to third and market. >> lots of people outside. >> outside, is there one of the largest police vehicles i have he have seen in my life from home land security, it is plenty of coffee from dunkin' donuts and a lot of food. a lot of barbecue from mission barbecue from the northeast. >> hello warriors watch. they all come out to support. they do a great job when vets come back. go meet them in the airport give them a met or cycle escort back in the house. >> love it.
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>> okay. last night i was facebooking my face off. >> yes. >> to the point of annoying people i think. but wait until i get a hold of emojis, like and dislike button on facebook. >> there is in dislike. people have been asking for it. >> i thought they were going to do that. >> they said instead of that they will do emojis. six of them coming. >> so adam, now wait a minute, yes, adam go through the six of them. >> you want to know all six of them, they have one called yeah, one that is sad, okay, putting them upright now. the you've got, excuse me, you will still have like, you will have have love,e maine gis, there is haha, is there yah, and i don't know who, yay looked like they have been drink to go me. wow. and sad obviously and angry. >> wow could be yawn you are boring me but it is wow.
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>> yes. >> people will go crazy with these and they will be a anything. >> they will test this. you know where they are testing it? they are testing this in spain and ireland and it is easier for facebook to get accurate results but obviously, they speak english and in spain they speak spanish. that is where they are testing it. if it works we will get a chance to do this. >> i have a question for you, adam you are a manly man. >> yes. >> do you use emojis now. >> no. >> i don't either. >> so i'll like stuff but apparently this came about. you were talking about you just dislike something. people post all kind of things in their news feed on facebook. when something sad happens or something that is not the good how do you let that person know who you empathize or sympathize with them. you cannot like it, so these emojis would be a better way to do it. >> i have another question for you, adam.
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>> yes. >> twenty-eight. >> okay. at the end of the sentence when you are texting, are you haha or are you hehe. >> at the end of the sentence, i'm furious. >> thanks for playing along, adam. >> i have a question. >> let's go, let's go. >> netflix do you have a subscription or are you about to pay more. >> well, i don't have a subscription so if i were to sign up for netflix we would pay more because netflix announced an increase yesterday in their pricing. the just on the standard plan. if you got netflix you will pay 8.99 for the standard plan but in a year it will go up. those who might get netflix say this weekend, we're going to pay $9.99 for standard plan but you get hd, lap top tv, your cell phone, your tablet, unlimited movies and is what the the other stuff, tv shows.
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>> adam, do you ever get netflix and just chill. >> no, i'm giving you an angry emoji on that one. >> we will see you monday. >> see you monday. >> yes, we need a sleep deprived emoji. >> right on my face. >> let's put up pictures, folks have served in the military. this is from jim. >> my son, bryant beast east is in afghanistan. thank you for your service. fox 29 solutes. >> here's another one. >> kimberly, thanks for send ago this within in and keep them coming. use that hashtag fox 29 solutes. >> back in two minutes. ññ
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graphic says fox 29 solutes the military. it is 7:30. if you want to send a picture of someone in the military use the hashtag fox 29 solutes. hey scott, the weather could not be any better. >> that is right. good friday morning to you, mike. you can see we are celebrating, our troops, military is here, our men and women on the front lines.
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weather cooperating nicely look who decided to come out and joan is. we have bus stop buddy here on this friday morning. give me a high five bus stop buddy. weather is looking pretty good, right. we may have rain later this afternoon, so lets talk about that forecast for you. you can see we are keeping tabs on the afternoon and evening thunderstorms. so bus stop buddy has that umbrella mainly for later in the day after 2:00 o'clock that is when i expect that front to move through. 62 degrees right now. it is muggy, stepping outdoors, but come on out to fourth and market looking pretty good. a lot of folks out here as well as free giveaways. we have some food, barbecue being served up, guys, back to you. >> as well as chickie and pete's crab fries and philly pretzel factory park out front of our studio window. we are park on the vine street expressway here. we have an accident on the eastbound side, right at 24th street where the beginning of the construction comes into play. it is coming into philadelphia
7:32 am
a. that will cause delays now, coming in off the the schuylkill expressway, heading over into 95 and, of course, broad street there with that crash on the eastbound side. two water main breaks, south philadelphia, waking up to low pressure here, fifth street is blocked right at south street right in front of the johnny rockets and in moorestown, new jersey main street is closed as well between church and chester with the water main break. forty-two, 55 your normal slow into the whitman and route 73 slow as you head into 295. mike, back over to you. at 7:32. a horrible situation, it has happened again, one person is dead, and three people are hurt after a shooting at northern arizona university. that is in flag staff. the school public relations director says that the suspected shooter is in custody. she said that the first police call was with a gunfire near a dormitory came in at 1:20 in the morning. middle of the night. shooting occurred basically at a parking lot just outside of
7:33 am
the mountain view hall, dormitory, at the north east side of that flag staff campus. we're getting more information in, minute by minute. we will bring you the latest when it becomes available to us. we have had a problem since is 11:00 o'clock last night. in south philadelphia. a water main break. it is in the gushing. it is bubbling. it has been going for eight hours now on south street right at fifth street. so, fifth street is closed, and south street is opened, and a few businesses are dealing with a lot of low water pressure, and people in their homes as well right around that intersection. so again, south street is opened, fifth street is closed a lot of people use fifth street to head down to the bennie, ben franklin bridge and also to get on i-95. so we will keep you updated on that as well. 7:33. hey lauren, what is going on. i understand we might have have a home coming here.
7:34 am
>> yeah, a big welcome home. look at this big party we have planned for to you come back home. so tell me we have some welcome, two lovely people home. you have some plaques you want to present to them. i will let do you that. >> i sure do. >> my name is brenda. >> yes. >> i'm brenda. >> i'm with the path director of the hero's welcome. and on behalf of the hero's welcome we would like to present these award to tech sergeant earl scott, and pennsylvania air national guard and to 16 sergeant tr rick flagger, pennsylvania air national guard. >> we are a grateful nation. >> thank you for your service, sacrifice and dedication to the the preservation of our freedom. we are please todd recognize you each as an american hero. >> how about a big round of applause, yes. >> we met you a few minutes ago, you giant, giant, giant
7:35 am
giants fan. >> yes. >> how does it feel to be home. >> it feels great. i thank my friend, family, and prayers. christiana contacted my prayed for me through my deployment. good to be here. great support. thanks for being here. i hope the eagles which win on sunday. >> now you are an eagles fan. thank you. mike, let's head back inside to you. >> we have converted him. >> one of those sweat shirts say thank you and that is what this day is all about. quincy, who are you with now. >> i'm with chickie and pete's giving out free fries, cheese. we're dipping. mike and dave are here. say hello. >> hello. >> here here until 10:00 a.m. have a good time. we have more coming up next. if do you come down bring pictures of your loved ones who are serving overseas and if you cannot come down, send it to us, use the hashtag fox 29 solutes and we are going
7:36 am
through some of them right through. thank you, my husband, the sailor 30 years ago, and my son ronald today. we solute all. so do we.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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do you see that band back there. >> yes. >> they were really good. >> i was at a wedding and they played. they are called strangers. >> strangers. they have been out here before. really good. >> quincy, you are outside with the volunteers that helped make this happen. >> we have patrick from operation home front. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does your organization do. >> we provide emergency, medical, financial aid, throughout the country, and we do really just military and everything for their families. whether it is financial need, we had this june a baby shower for 31 expecting moms. it is little things like. that providing assistance. recognizing celebrating our military families. operation home front wants to thank fox 29 news for having us. it is great to see people celebrate our military.
7:40 am
we see some of the negative things sometimes. it is a great day for celebration. you signed up when you enlisted. it is for veterans, information that are families, and like i said you go on the web site, a lot of times people do this for financial aped and if not we have a list of our battle programs. it is great celebration of our military families and delaware valley. >> patrick, thanks very much for the work you are doing. >> we have more volunteers. come on down. it is getting pack. come on down. we have christine, what is your organization. >> what do you guys do. >> we promote service and sacrifice. community involvement, give back. >> okay. now how are you being involved with your organization. >> they can reach us a at the the philadelphia a navy yard. we run the old navy chapel. we have been in business since 1951. reach us at www dot chop lane or call or office.
7:41 am
>> thank you. >> is there so many officials down here. we are here until 10:00 a.m. >> someone just asked me when does this all end. >> you got time. >> you got time. >> it is until 10:00 o'clock. >> weather is supposed to be good. >> normally everybody hangs out until 10:30, 10:45. so come on by. >> we love pictures that you have been sending us. keep them coming. you have to use the hashtag fox 29 solutes. >> i believe that man is playing in a band, serving in i believe, vietnam. hey, jill thanks for send ago this in. my grand pop and his twin. navy vets. >> and roger says good morning, if possible can we get a shoot for my sailor nicholas smith he's stationed in japan. >> okay officially we solute you nicholas smith.
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big day at fox 29 and a big party happening on market street between third and fourth street. come on down, help us solute the troops. we just welcomed two young men back, from the air force. they were serving in korea hey scott, there is a lot of people outside and a lot of good heather. >> lauren, good morning. mike, you can feel the
7:45 am
excitement out here at fourth and market. as fox 29 solutes the military, hey, use that hashtag, hashtag fox 29, solutes. you can see the amazing band, has begun to play and the the weather, it is holding up pretty nicely out here on this friday. and we do have some thunderstorms in the the forecast, a little later on this afternoon and evening. 62 degrees right now. you can see it is kind of humid stepping outdoors but thankfully it is nice. lets look at the planner as we solute the military. temperatures in the 60's. we will call it the partly sun toy mostly cloudy skies out there lets look at the temperatures right now across the the a area we're dealing with the numbers, in the upper 50's, north and west in allentown. we have 58 degrees. sixty-four right now in atlantic city. here is your friday planner, muggy, it will be warm. temperatures top out near 80 degrees, 10 degrees above average this time of the year. take a a look at satellite and radar, that frontal boundary off to the the north and west.
7:46 am
that is the the front moving in this afternoon to spark off a couple of scattered showers. maybe a gusty thunderstorm. so watch the clock and watch the timing. you can see by 4:30 some of that action north and west continuing to the heart of the area, by rush hour. so that is a head up that you need. you will dodge some downpours later this afternoon and this evening but good news it gets out of here in time for upcoming weekend. how much rainfall? quarter to a had half inch. the the weather authority seven day forecast, showing you much cooler behind that system. we have a lot of events ongoing this upcoming weekend, big temple home coming game ape of course, sunday at the link temperatures will top out in the upper 60's for that event. free food as we solute our troops. we will have much more, coming up in the the broadcast, back to you. 7:46. come on back inside. we will go back outside to a live look at the vine street expressway, that earlier accident just moved out of there. a all of the lanes are opened up and like the the spigot
7:47 am
starting to move again. but traffic backup on both side of the schuylkill coming inbound into philadelphia. the accident was on the eastbound side of the vine at 24th street. so we're backup east on the schuylkill from city line on in. the the westbound sider with's heavy from south philadelphia a all the way into downtown. two the water main breaks to show you, fifth street blocked at south. that is one in south philadelphia. coming up, fifth street, trying to get into say independent hall, olde city here coming by our studios here for the events today or bennie use either third street or seventh and that water main break in moorestown had has main street blocked from church over to chester. otherwise 295 slow go, as you work your way down in toward bellmawr. patco running with the special schedule today, that is all due to track work and we are starting to see sun glare delays now, here's a live look at i-95. look where the sunnies ready to bounce up and over that tree line and we will start to see those instant delays coming northbound and leaving
7:48 am
town on the schuylkill just under a half april hour westbound and half an hour just over a half an hour south on i-95 from wood have men to center city, mike and lauren, back over to you. somebody on twitter said where is this event happening. >> it is happening on market street between third and fourth street. >> i guess so. >> parx casinos, one of our sponsors. >> big time. >> jen freddie's outside talking to them. >> we are talking to them and having some fun. we love, some of our sponsors, parx casino, good morning. >> i have to talk to him first because he is the fancy outfit on and you are commander, director of security over at parx. >> correct. >> you are also active reserve navy, correct. >> yes, i a a.m. >> i had to get your title in. >> yes. >> one of the things you have done and i have been there, is honor flag. for people don't know what it is, tell us what that is.
7:49 am
>> it is a a chance to go to d.c. to go to their war memorials. they are world war two vets, america's greates generation. a lot of them in their 90's. there was a gentlemen 101 years old. we took them to d.c. they solicited world war two memorial. we were met the by general colin powell. also the the korean war memorial and vietnam veterans memorials as well as marine core iwa jima a memorial. >> i had had a chance to speak with some of them and one of things they say, they don't have facebook. so not even just going down there and seeing it the on the bus but they get to be together and kind of talk about the old days, and how they are doing, and their families as well. >> that is right. >> just a whole range of emotion. you get people who, one person was terminal. his son brought him to the event, and he said this is the greatest thing that has happened in his life. it means a lot to parx and to the community and it means a lot to our veterans.
7:50 am
that is what we care about is our veterans. >> it is interesting because you don't think of a casino but you guys have all kind of different programs. why is this one of the ones you are invested in. >> because it is engaged with the community. it is a partnership. we do stand down which is a home less veterans outreach in levittown. we have partners with the id program that helps our veterans, and then we have coming up, november 5th, a career fair for veterans, called by the way a service, for military. so, we will look forward to seeing everybody there, our veterans, to find jobs for them. so we are active in reaching out and doing those things. >> well, thank you. i know a lot of people have been stopping by. keep having fun. it is a really fun day. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> and, so guys, back to you. it is pretty cool, and can i tell you a little bit, this
7:51 am
guy played football. he and g. cobb talk about the old days, 49ers, cardinals. >> hopefully, they are ready for a eagles win on sunday, jen. >> absolutely. >> we will head back outside and talk to mike and with more local heroes. >> lauren, this might be the biggest, kind of police vehicle i have ever seen in my life. it the takes up half of market street here between third and fourth. it is home land security. do you want to go look at it? hi, kid. hi everybody. thanks for coming out. thanks for being here. >> you're welcome. >> okay, all right. hi, catherine. >> what is exactly your title. >> i'm regional director for department of home land security, federal protective service over six states. >> so what would your job be in the philadelphia area like when the pope was here what did you do we work the event with secret service, we work it with the national park service, we worked interior of the independent mall event.
7:52 am
we helped provide protection for the papal entourage. >> what do you do on a daily basis. >> we do will physical security assessment, we provide law enforcement a and security services for federal facilities. >> hoist behind you here. >> is what your name, sir. >> bobby george. >> with are are you from. >> out of pitberg. >> welcome to philadelphia yes. >> and are you. >> sergeant maguire from baltimore. >> where are you from. >> philadelphia. >> boom. >> and you you. >> inspector pennington from baltimore, go ravens. >> what? >> so, catherine, what is this massive, thing. >> okay, thinks our mobile command vehicle. our agency has 11 of them. when we go on patrol, deployment we take this and we operate out of it. >> so cameras go in there. what are we looking at? >> we are hooked up with philadelphia pd radio and
7:53 am
around the the street and so we are aware of everything, around in the city. >> how many cameras are watching philadelphia many, many, many. >> now, i see a lot of dogs out here too. i don't know if we have another camera. >> okay. so the dogs are protection dogs. so what they do is they sweep area and make sure there is nothing that will hurt us. >> see, you are the map. >> okay. >> we are pro to support this because we have 100 percent of the uniformed services from veterans. >> okay. now this is not just for show on market street because, we are all knowing that there are threats to the united states, especially isis right now. >> absolutely. >> attack the military, tack police office, so you probably did a weep today. >> they are sweeping as we speak. >> they are running around and
7:54 am
they are working. >> they are just, what are they trying to sniff out. >> any kind of explosive, material. >> how long have you been working with this dog, is what dog's name. >> booker. >> booker, yes, sir. >> we have been together since 2009. >> and, trained to do what. >> he is trained to detect explosives. >> and how would he react if there was a a bomb out here. >> i would be able to net is his demeanor, it is completely different. no, because being with the dog and working with the doggie know his chain of behavior would be completely different. >> he seemed so mild. >> he is very calm but if he was, to pick up on something, his behavior would be totally different and then i would show that change of behavior and i would be a able to recognize that. >> thank you for your service. >> i appreciate it. >> catherine, thank you for keeping us safe. >> appreciate your support. >> how come is there a monitor on the outside. >> because we watch fox 29 news.
7:55 am
>> all right, is there a promo. >> thank you for your service as well. >> we love it mike. the absolutely right. thank you for your service. >> we love your pictures. please keep them coming. use the hashtag fox 29 solutes. we have got the this one in from lynn, my nephews, my pride and joy, we solute the both of you. mary says my daughter michelle first in the army national gar. michelle, thanks so much for your service. and tania she said special list jor watkins. keep those pictures coming. we will be back in a few minutes.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning to you. if you are just waking up look what you are missing. a a huge block party. come own donnas we solute the military today. mike jerrick is outside in the action. hi, mike. >> hi lauren. >> we have something special coming up here in a little bit. all of these folks you see on camera right now will be
7:59 am
enlisted into the air force. nicely done. it will be great. hey, scott. >> hey there good friday morning. weather cooperating nicely as well. coming up we will have the forecast for this event as well as all important weekend weather, jen fred. >> we are having so much fun from first grade, hi ladies, to some of the first responders, america's greatest generation. check this out. we have men, women in, blue, in camouflage making it happen. i don't know if you guys have seen some of the amazing volunteer groups involved all right here on fox 29.
8:00 am
we appreciate each and everyone of those pictures. please keep them coming. we love to see them. mike jerrick outside in the action what is going on. >> i was listening to the music. they are taking break because i cannot hear if they play h how are you doing. >> hi, my name is heidi. >> i say stranger is the name of group. >> it is just strangers, strangers. >> i love the fact thaw are not the strangers to you. you have been here before. >> me personally this is my third year. >> cool, thanks for doing it. >> lets get barbecue from fat jacks while lauren does news headlines. >> okay. >> we will get some cue. >> okay. >> hey, scott. >> where is scott? we thought scott was going to talk about how fabulous the weather was, and maybe this weekend, scott. >> i'm outside, of course, beautiful conditions out here as we solute the military. fox 29. we have closed off third and
8:01 am
fourth street right along market street here. so come on out, you still have time. this is what it is all about, as we say thank you here today. let's talk about the weather. it is cooperating nicely on this friday. we have temperatures that are comfortable. it is mild, muggy but dry for now, however, later this afternoon we will keep tabs on the frontal boundary that will bring us showers, maybe rumble of thunderment weather by numbers on the scale of one to ten it will be a seven today. pretty quiet right now on ultimate doppler. as we talk about, north and west that is the system, that is rain that will head in our direction. we will have much more on the timing of that system, bob kelly, coming up with the seven day forecast. >> well, add a little extra time, scott on your commute this morning. 8:01. tgif, backup on the schuylkill express waste all from an earlier accident on the vine street expressway. traffic is moving slow but surely, in bound, heavy from city line all the way into downtown. an accident on route 55,
8:02 am
southbound right here near the vineland interchange. two water main breaks right now, fifth and south street in south philadelphia, fifth street is blocked this morning, and in moorestown, new jersey, main street blocked between church and chesterment big day tomorrow for football and hero thrill show. both events getting underway at 12:00 noon. on sunday we have eagles game at 1:00 o'clock kick off. septa adding extra trains and services on the broad street subway all weekend for sports fans. lauren, back to you. we have new video just in. a brutal five a alarm a attack in the north philadelphia video is graphic. but police say a man punched another guy, knock him to the ground, and then just kept beating him and kicking him this happened last saturday in front of the bennie the bums in 9900 block of bustleton avenue. suspect and woman he was with took off. victim was taken to the hospital. we are following this story. one person dead, three people hurt after a shooting a at northern arizona university.
8:03 am
school's public relations director cindy brown says the the shooter is in custody, she says the first police called, gunfire came in around 1:20 this morning. shooting occur in the parking lot outside dormitory a at north east side of the flag staff campus. we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. police investigating a double shooting in mt. airy, this happened around 11:00 on the 7900 block of temple road. officers arrived to find two, 19 year-old men, shot, two different scenes, 11 bullet casings. they say one of the males drove two blocks away to the intersection of shelf even ham avenue where he collapsed. other ran inside his mother's house on temple road. both ended up in the hospital and at critical condition in einstein. southwest philadelphia business owner, fighting for his life this morning after being stabbed more than 20 times, inside of his own office. man man was robbed and stabbed, he is owner of southwest auto tags service on the corner of the 63rd and fifth avenue knew.
8:04 am
they say man walk in just before closing and seen running away a couple minutes later. u.s. air men who stopped a gunman on the french train survives another horrifying incident. spend spencer stone was stab near a bar in sacramento early yesterday morning. you may remember stone from his act of heroism from august. stonies the one with the arm in the sling. he and his two friend, tackled an armed terrorist on a train heading to paris. chris murphy has more information on the brawl he was involved in in california, hi chris. >> police don't believe the attack was random but say fight was likely related to an earlier incident at that bar you mentioned. stone had been at the bar with friend and surveillance tape was rolling as the the brawl spilled outside on to the street. you can see two groups throwing punches at one another before they disperse. although the investigation in the stabbing is ongoing, officials have determine that the violence is unrelated to the train attack. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks,
8:05 am
horren joying the night life in in midtown sacramento. this incident is not related to terrorism, in anyway, and we do not believe in anyway, we know it is not related to what occurred in france. >> right now police are searching for two men who took off in a car after the fight, doctors say stone suffered, significant injuries, and here's the good news, lauren, he is expected to survive and make a recovery. >> that is great news. the he has been through a lot lately. chris, thanks very much. we will continue to solute our tripes right outside in front of the station. mike jerrick is what going on here. >> lt. col. until george is here and we are listening to that story of expense are stone an air man and you were shocked to hear that it occurred. >> it happens so many times where you know, we will have troops go into combat and then come back home and then they get into trouble or they get injured or even killed coming back home. that is a very sad story. >> he was the the hero. he prevent that had terrorist attack on a french train. >> right, exactly. many of our folks, and folks
8:06 am
you will see this morning, a and today will go downrange and and to help provide freedom for others, and come home and have that tragedy happen. >> do you find people want to get into fight, and fight somebody in uniform. >> we don't find that too often. people have been very accommodating to us when we're at home, and when we go to restaurants. we are out and b people are always saying thank you for your service. it is my pleasure to provide service to my country. >> we are happy to to this. not too bad to pick up a tab for a servicemen. >> that is great but that is not that important. >> you are from sierra leone. >> my family came from sierra leone. >> where are you based. >> in burlington, new jersey. >> recruiting he says is up 25 . that is good news. people want to be in the air force. i know, i don't call them cadets what are they call. >> they are going in to our delayed enlistment program. so i will swear them in our
8:07 am
delayed enlistment program, then they will have to meet up with my recruiters each and every month until the time that they ship. we are trying to make sure they stay out of trouble. >> do i back off here and let you do the work. >> yes, just say some word and then they respond. >> yes. >> i will give them the enlistment. >> greg, do you want to come around here. >> colonel, please do the honors. >> first off i would like to thank all of the parents for allowing their daughters and sons to join the air force, okay. all right. so, raise your right-hand. repeat after me, i, state your name, do solemnly swear or affirm, that i will support, and defend, the the constitution of the united states of america, against all enemies foreign and domestic,
8:08 am
and that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and i willow bay the orders, of the president of the united states and the order of the officers appointed over me according to regulation, and uniform code of the military justice. so help me god. thank you very much. and it is a pleasure to serve with you. >> well, their lives just changed. >> absolutely their lives just changed. >> what will happen. >> young man, come here. >> he is the first one to then be dereplied, is that what you would call them. >> he will ship out to basic training. >> where are you heading. >> san antonio texas. >> where are you you from. >> pottstown. >> is what your name. >> shawn perry.
8:09 am
>> yes. >> anyway, best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> is what your job. >> security forces. >> take care of us. >> will do. >> thank you for your service. >> in problem. >> that almost made me cry. >> you know what i mean. >> you are right, their moms and dad are sending them off to serve their country. >> that is a big under taking for anyone, at this time. >> you have ton at least 18 to come into service. you can join at 17 but you have to be 18 before we ship you off. >> good to see you thank you very much. >> how about that. >> very emotional. >> thanks very much. >> did you know that all of the medals for army, worldwide, we're talking all a across the world they are engraved right here in philadelphia meet some of the recipients of those medals next but we cannot go to break without showing you more picture. kevin stone and his daughter charlotte, we solute you too. that is a gorgeous picture.
8:10 am
my daddy, charlie mowers was a proud world war two navy vet. this was him in philly in the 40's a. thanks, carla. we will be right back.
8:11 am
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whoo! i mean, whoo. big party outside. we have shut down the whole street, a at fourth and market and we have everyone here including a band. >> how is the weather. >> the weather is perfect, this morning. we are having a party out the here as we solute our military. folks are out here with pictures of their loved ones out here. let's talk about the the weather, because it is cooperating nicely out there. 79 degrees is the high temperature by this afternoon, scattered showers and thunderstorms, but as we continue, watching the the clock you can see by tonight we are looking at those numbers dipping down in the 50's behind that front. we will time everything out for you, you can see as we go hour by hour. maybe an early sprinkle but
8:14 am
most of the action won't arrive until later on this afternoon. we could even have have gusty thunderstorms moving through with that system. so grab an umbrella, you will need it later this afternoon and this evening. but good news all of that rain will be out of here in time for the upcoming weekend. temple home coming weekend, and then on sunday we have the birds at the link. bob kelly, how is traffic on this friday. >> a live look at blue route the northbound lanes 476, heavy from i-95 up through macdade boulevard. rush hour underway. but we're in good shape on i-95, typically an early morning jam, friday is lighter coming from the north east and no problems until you hit girard where you hit the brakes. water main break fifth street blocked at south street right in front of the johnny rockets there and moorestown, new jersey, main street, the stretch from church up to chester, and with the water main. tomorrow a temple football hero thrill show, both at noon in the stadium complex and eagles, of course, on sunday,
8:15 am
septa's broad street subway adding extra trains and services all weekend long. lets go back outside to the party, mike and lauren, back to you. >> out here on market third and fourth hi lauren. >> jammed pack. >> did you know all of the army medals all over the world was engraved right here in philadelphia. >> medals like what. >> i have been looking at them. >> these are famous. >> have you ever seen president put that around the the neck. that is medal of honor. look at the that one. the the purple heart, silver star, good conduct, every type of metal you can imagine. aren't they beautiful. what were you telling me this is a northeast philadelphia connection. >> guess who went to check it out. steve keeley. >> okay. >> it is a amazing, i didn't expect this at all. >> reporter: sean carter is seeing bronze star he earned in iraq and half dozen other medals for honor, bravery distinction for the very first time. >> i will give this to my son. i will let him take it with
8:16 am
him. this is special right here. >> reporter: those who made things so special for veterans like sean are working every day in this little northeast philadelphia office, a small group of people with an immense sense of honor. >> a lot of pride that goes into this office. i mean it is tough. >> they flow on the receiving end of what comes of the of the army veterans unit metal unit. >> over 200 medals in one day. >> reporter: this is where they engrave, put together and package military medals for army veterans. most known like silver star, the hardest earned the purple heart and rare given the medal of honor. handed out and put on by the you had of the united states a alone. >> it is kind of cool to see your medals go to inportant places, you see them on tv, and see exactly what happened. >> reporter: when they put that medal around somebody's neck do you have a sense of pride.
8:17 am
>> everything we do have have a complete sense of pride. our mission here is to take care of veterans and their families. >> reporter: medal of honor with the distinct blue ribbon the president puts around the neck of honorary is it not just rare but given special care long before it is prepared, kept in the safe, unbreakable like the soldiers who earned it. it was delivered by crane here. but as heavy as this safe is, even heavier by the hearts here when they sianni hear how veterans and their families rack to getting what they earned. in many cases, families not getting these are even aware of the bravery that earn them until some are sent for soldiers in veterans funerals. >> sometimes it is a little hard because had half of the time i will sit on the phone with the granddaughters and grandsons and they are crying that they just received their package and they wanted to call to say thank you and you can hear the tears in their voice, the the pride, and it is like, i'm okay, ill will break the silence.
8:18 am
it is not a problem. it is our honor because i understand we would not be here to make without the the veterans. >> reporter: veterans will tell you medals are just colorful shiny reminders of some dim, dark days and nights on far away battle fields and the action the medals of honor remine them of what they did, how they dit and why they dit, that really matter. >> it makes you feel good, but it is serve that is count, you know. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia, steve keeley, fox 29 news. >> it makes you feel good to know we played a little part in this. philadelphia, robert henry good to have you here. >> your wife is over there. >> yes, supervisor of the veterans medals unit, yes. >> so steve just said it, it remind them of what they did in the service. >> yes, it is when they leave the service, they will get whatever they earned and we
8:19 am
will up grave. >> and what message did you want to get out to the all of the veterans. >> first set is free as charge and we go back as far as world war one vets. even if they see, their family can apply for it, through personnel record center, and then down load the the information. >> how does that make you you feel, i know you are just engraving a piece of medal but it is a special medal. >> especially with the veterans, sending letters, thank you and saying hi, you know, it effects them. they will start crying. we're a part of them, yes. >> forever. >> forever, yes. >> thank you for your such great work. >> we might see medals on in the pictures now. >> we will, we have been getting lots of pictures. we want to you keep sending them. use that hashtag fox 29 solutes, it is part that i keeps going until 10:00 o'clock and we will be right back. >> thank you. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
8:23 am
whatever. we have been doing this for years and we are getting more pictures then ever before. use the hashtag fox 29 solutes and we will put it on the air. >> there are incredible people outside. >> philly fanatic showed up. >> we have brought everybody out for our party. >> who are you outside with right the now, jen fred. >> because a lot of people are here but year after year 92.5, philadelphia's country station is here, year after year. obviously we have dock and andy they are doing their thing but as they wrap that, look what they are doing. you can sign a thank you note. this is the one i did. thank you for protecting my family for being willing to be away, come home safe. it is really cool. this is one of the things that you can do if you come on down, to the 92.5wxtu10t.
8:24 am
>> hi, ladies and gentlemen. >> we love you. >> we have talk about this off camera, not only are they nice but they are handsome these men and women. >> my gosh. >> yes. >> not you. >> there is so many great photo o ps here. >> yes. >> but, surrounded by all these handsome men but there is so much great military stuff here, and then military stuff, like you know what i mean. >> boys and toys. >> i have not seen any this happy since the the ups guy deliver packages the other day. he loves the men in uniform. >> so, when we listen to your radio station, we have so many people, members of the military, veterans that listen, the songs that break your heart. and they make you feel happy to be american. so it is cool for you guys to be here. >> we love it. >> real quick we did honor flight where we got to take 200 veterans, world war two, korean war, we got as much out of it as they did.
8:25 am
>> absolutely. it is awesome that the military are big fans of country music because our artists are so respectful and singing about the things that are important to them. the it makes a big difference for us to be here surrounded by the people we get to talk to every day and i feel like it is cool to see them and they get to meet us for the first time in person and it is kind of like a mutual admiration societiy like the thank you note situation. i wrote a thank you note. we don't get to say that enough. thank you for being awesome, dock and andy. we love your show. >> we love you jen, we love you. >> so come on down, have some fun, nice to see you guys. thank you. >> it is just awesome. everybody is having fun together out the here. >> those radio folks, they are here every year, i love them. >> early. >> often. >> andy looks good. >> we are getting a lot of pictures too. >> let's put them up. >> really good ones come in. this one tameika says proud
8:26 am
army mom, u.s. army specialist ramone pugh for the hood, texas. thank you for your services. my favorite veteran my hero my grand pop thank you for your service, i love you. >> that is a fantastic picture. >> it is. >> thanks for sending that in.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
it is 8:30 on this special friday every year for us. market street is jam. i have rid men that. it is really cool. we rolled that down market street three years ago. it is tight. >> scott, we will do weather
8:30 am
and then traffic and then lauren has a special guest. >> yes, good morning lauren and mike. beautiful weather out here. you can see on fourth and market they are out here enjoying everything. enjoying the weather as wem as we honor and celebrate our troops. volunteers are out here. folks are having a good time. you still have time to come on out. as we talk about the weather, it is comfortable right now. temperatures are steady in the low 60's right now. 63 degrees. humidity is high. looking at numbers north and west we have 50's in the lehigh valley, pocono mountains. mid 60's down the the shore. 79 degrees is the high temperature by this afternoon, but you'll be dodging a few scattered showers and some thunderstorms that had that frontal boundary that moves through later on this afternoon and this evening. that weather authority seven day forecast shows rain is out of here for temple game, looking pretty good for tailgating and as we head to the lincoln sunday weather looking good but what about
8:31 am
the roadways on this friday, bob kelly. >> i'll tell you what weather looking better than roads. westbound on the schuylkill stacked and pack from the boulevard all the way out toe belmont but a pretty sunrise in the background there coming around the curve. curve side in moorestown, new jersey. main street is block with the water main break here between church and chester, so we will get around the block there in the neighborhood and also in south philadelphia, a water main break fifth street is closed in front of the south street. anyone from south philadelphia, using fifth street to try to get up to the bennie, you have to use either third street or seventh street as the alternate. otherwise westbound on the turnpike from philadelphia bensalem over to will veil forge just under a half an hour. southbound i-95 stacked up from bridge into downtown and live look at the benny not bad working your way up and over into center city at use it and vine. temple football hero thrill show both events at noon and then eagles football sunday at
8:32 am
the 1:00. >> bob, i have a project for you. >> okay good we know temple owls four and zero for the first time since 1974. when was last time ever they were five and zero. if they beat tulane tomorrow at home coming they will be 50 and zero. can do you research for me. >> do you want me to verify that. >> please. >> 8:32. let's have a parade lauren what do you say. >> we came down to the other even of market street near third street. we have a big crowd behind us. some of the same people who might show up for this parade. here's the man that is helping make this happen. you guys have never done a veterans parade ever before in philadelphia. >> that is absolutely right. what happened was essentially scott brown, who is the executive director of the veterans advisory commission, went to bob brady and said guess what, we have never had a veterans paradement he said you are kidding. he has been helping to us fund it and we have been organizing and it will be on november 8th. it will be right here in
8:33 am
center city. we have so far probably about 100 participants so it will be a long parade. >> so terry, i said how is planning. you said we're still planning. >> indeed, we are. you can imagine first time you ever do this you have to work out a lot of kinks but we have done it, we are wired together. people interested in the parade including volunteering, can go to philly veterans, philly veterans and sign up to volunteer. >> being out here in honor of fox 29 solute the troops block party do you like the energy you see here. >> no kidding, this is first time i have ever been here. you guys are rocking from the fans to all of the veterans involved, it is outstanding. >> are you taking nets to take back to the group. >> yes, i will, i will tell them fox 29 was really good to us. >> we know how to party. >> you want continue on variety vets to many company out november 812th to 2:30. >> when does it start. >> it starts at walnut and
8:34 am
market street and it wind around city hall, goes all the way down market street, to independent mall. >> we cannot call it first annual it is inaugural. >> it is inaugural. >> will you do it every year after that. >> that is our hope. we have energy going. we have a lot of things going on. it looks exciting. outstanding to have all these marines here by the way. i'm a former marine. >> indeed. >> you like to see this. >> i do indeed. >> we solute you and marine and everybody else out here celebrating and serving our country. >> mike, november 8th at noon. >> it is, shocking, isn't it, we have never had a veterans parade. marine core was started in philadelphia for goodness sakes. >> we will look forward to that november 8th because this year the 11/11, it is on a wednesday so they will do it on sunday the the eighth. lets throw up more pictures, what do you say. >> chrissy, thanks for end ising this in. proud daughter of a world war
8:35 am
two vet. nicely done. hi, kenya, my husband jerome jackson chief at the united states coastguard, i'm so proud of him as you should be. >> hi, lorraine thanks for send ago this n happy military day to my two sons hector and christopher. she's proud.
8:36 am
we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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8:38 am
i cannot find one negative thing to say about the day where we solute, the troops, and military, except this. >> what? >> every time i shake hand with somebody. >> yes.
8:39 am
>> everybody out there has been eating crab fries, and so i smell like crab fries, not that is bad. >> do you have any cheese on your hand. >> no cheese on my hand but if you want to lick my hand it would be like at being the at chickie and pete's. >> hi, quincy. take you back out to market street. >> we are here from the vfw from runnemede, new jersey. you guys have a wheelchair presentation. >> yes, this is our fourth wheelchair and out in run meet and we do it we have a hard working vfw and auxiliary. we have a lot of donors that help our vfw. we have u.s. logistics, specialty freight, beaver brook motors, and lenmar, our rotary, that help out, so we get the money. the these chairs are about 14,000. >> wow. >> and these are the people back there, who helped us out. >> you guys give a wave.
8:40 am
>> the guys in the suits and all these people but this particular wheelchair here local seven, tommy lane and chris guy, the tile union and their business agent, frank williams, and his wife, debbie, donated 10,000 toward this and our vfw, and donors gave other 4,000. >> that is commendable. how are you doing aaron. >> i'm doing good. >> when and where did you serve. >> i serve from 2007 through 2010. i spent a year in korea and tour in iraq. >> what does it mean to get this chair. >> this gives me my life back. i'm a big hundreder, fisherman, trapper, camper. i can energy life again. >> what did you want to say to the vfw in runnemede. >> i can never thank them enough. they are great people. they are fantastic. i'm, i mean they are like family and just being, knowing
8:41 am
them this licensing they are like brothers a and sisters to me. they are fantastic people. >> definitely. >> you are also, you are donating the chair but you are giving something else. >> aaron doesn't blank to the vfw so he is jim our post and we will make him an honorary member, never pay dues and always be a member. on behalf of our donors we also have something else for you, aaron, for you and your fiance, kim, get up here, we have a check for $2,000, so you can get on your, have woman grab the check and to our donors put in all this and all and there is a check for 2,000 for you you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, appreciate it so much, bill, i really do. >> what does this mean for your fiance. >> it is everything to him. he really appreciates it. >> we want to thank you guys at vfw, philadelphia vfw, from
8:42 am
vfw in runnemede, new jersey they are doing a great job, guys. thanks to you guys. bank to you guys in the studio. >> hey, quincy. >> yes, sir. >> you described it, he loves to hunt, so he has a wheel lick tanks. >> you can go out and hunt in this. >> yes. >> can you move it a little bit. >> sure. >> show them how it works. >> he can go off road. >> oh, yeah. >> he can go up a and downhills and in the trees. >> yes. >> doing things he likes. >> he is going to show me how to hunt. >> i can do that if you want to learn. >> congratulations. >> $14,000. >> and a check for 2,000. >> that chair gave him his life back because he loves to hunt. >> 8:42. >> more pictures or just live shots. >> we will be back in two minutesment
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is a big block party
8:46 am
going on outside, did you hear, we're an inspiration for a veterans parade. they are learning, all of the energy, food, music, fun and is what mess important, to honor men and women in uniform. so thank you so much for your service. mike is outside, with some food i think. >> i'm just talking to the people out here, i'm ribbing the people here. mission barbecue behind me. have you had the cue? it is good. it is fantastic. so, i was up in the the northeast the other day and i go into this place called mission barbecue. the entire place was pack for lunch. and almost everybody in the place had a uniform on. so i had to find out, why? >> i'm's here on the boulevard in the northeast at a place called mission barbecue and it
8:47 am
is crowded and chris is with me. good to see you my man. >> thanks for coming out. >> mission barbecue. what is the mission of mission barbecue. >> proudly serving those who serve, so police, fire fighters, first responders, 9/11 those are follow thanks rush in and those are folks we are honoring. >> we started this business on september 11th, to 2011. ten years after the world change some small way we will change it back and remine people our country great and what makes it the great are our heroes. >> look at the this crowd. >> i see, fire fighters, i see police officers. i see marine, military, emt's, difficult cover it all. >> you got everybody covered there. >> for your birthday we are excited to be here and we're giving back and again serving those who serve. >> how do you you give back. >> we give back through our time, talent and treasure while donate ago lot of the
8:48 am
support. we did seal team six event down in delaware county. we're over at police athletic league in jenkintown. >> fop said you dropped off money the other day. >> we gave them a check for $4,000 the other day and we gave fire department $1,400 yesterday. >> yes, the new aquarium down here with money in it. >> that is a donation box for guests coming in. 50 percent will get to the survivor fun and other 50 percent will go to the widow fund good what do you do every day at noon. >> we play national anthem. >> ♪ >> it brings us back to what is important. >> does everybody sing. >> some people sing, my whole staff stands up and we take off our hat and solute the flag. ninety-five, 98 percent of the folks participate and love what we do. >> they seem to have love it. >> yes, they do. >> what do they say to you. >> thank you.
8:49 am
>> they keep saying thanks to us and no, thank you for what you do. >> i'm surprised somebody hasn't thought of this before. >> they are genius is, i don't know, bill has a couple sons who serve in the military. it vice near and dear to their heart. they are just two friend doing something good and meaningful. >> our mission is to serve for those men and with men who put uniform on each day to serve our community and country we are here to serve you each and every day, let's go eat. >> chris, good to meet you. >> must makes you feel good. >> every day. >> i love it. >> you get emotional bit. >> i do, it is very personal. >> and chris is back here with me now right on market street, serving a lot of barbecue to everybody out here. thanks for doing it. >> our pleasure, very much so good is what the best two minutes of your day. >> 2:00 noon seven days a week we play the national anthem at the restaurant good tell me
8:50 am
about this cooker. can i rent you like a party. >> it is a catering truck. we have a full blown cooker in the back. >> you are smoking every day. >> we smoke in the restaurant and plus on this if we need to. this is how we got food down here. >> who are your workers do you want to say hello to them. >> i have got danny, tony, teen, mike, lynn and adam. they do a fantastic job good they love working for you. >> i got great people you are a softy. >> i am thanks for all you do. thank you for what you do every day. >> come see us again. >> do me a favor go to mission barbecue he is doing great stuff. >> you've got to try it, right mike. >> okay. we have got the to keep showing you these great pictures. we appreciate each and everyone of them. connie said my dad korean war, we solute you. and then there is sue, who sent this in, my dad served in world war two greatest generation, richard c adams
8:51 am
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put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back on this friday morning as fox 29 solutes the military. folks are out here, they have pictures of their loved ones, bandies playing, weather, it is really nice here on this friday but showers and some thunderstorms will be heading in our direction later on. you still have time to come out to fourth and market, as fox 29 solutes, our military,
8:55 am
and hey, use the hashtag, hashtag fox 29 solutes. the lets talk about the weather. we will take a aerial view of fourth and market and you can see folks are out here, it is jammed pack, we have something for the entire family. as we look at that planner, it will stay kind of have mild, muggy and we are anticipating a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms a little later on this afternoon but right new temperatures are mild, 63 degrees in philadelphia 65 in atlantic city. 79 degrees, that is high temperature by this have afternoon, scattered showers and thunderstorms after 2:00 o'clock and continuing through 7c o'clock and then just keep an eye to the sky later this afternoon and that rain could impact the the road. how are road right the now, bob. >> actually scottie not that bad. fridays are different from the other workdays. westbound on the turnpike bensalem to valley forge a 23 minute trip. big jam is 95 southbound from woodhaven into downtown.
8:56 am
just under a half an hour. speaking of the military, tomorrow it is navy day regatta taking over kelly drive. of course, schuylkill river. we will see kelly drive closed, a lot of extra volume push on the schuylkill. also tomorrow, it is friend of the rittenhouse square event shutting down 18th street from locust to walnut and it is a busy football weekend, tomorrow stadium complex will be jumping. we have temple football at noon, home coming and also, the hero thrill show which is right across the street at wells fargo centerment both events kick off at noon. kick off early, and eagles game at 1:00. septa a is adding extra trains for the subway. up next we will go outside as fox 29 solutes the military when we come right back.
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we have a competition going on down here. we're on market street. so which services are these. >> i think they are jrotc and thinks the air force right here. >> air force in the blue. >> competition. >> yes. >> they are about an inch off the ground. >> he has experience so he will probably beat him. >> i cannot even watch that. >> welcome back, fox 29 solutes the military. we will start up, marines have landed on


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